The LEGO Batman Movie


“Mummy, we are going to see the LEGO Batman Movie as soon as it comes out right?” 

What Oli didn’t know when he got off that train and saw this poster in Paddington underground was that we were actually on our way to a special showing of it that very morning!


I had been excited all week and the night before sleep was impossible for me, I had got my Harley Quinn converses at the ready and had treated Oli to a new t-shirt with the man himself on it. Upon arrival at the cinema, Oli had found his friend H, and I had found H’s dad Jim, and we explored the foyer where there was lots of fun to be had.



We had the chance to get ourselves drawn into Batman characters, and I’m pretty pleased with my Batgirl image, a fantastic keepsake! Check out how Batman Jim turned out in his LEGO Batman Movie Post!



When it came to the film time, we couldn’t get to our seats fast enough! Here are two HUGE LEGO fans getting to preview the new film before it’s even out in cinemas, the excitement level was through the roof, and I guess the kids were pretty hyped too 😉




I’ve never been one for film reviews, like how do you put such a good film into words? What I will say is GO AND WATCH IT, take the kids this half term, even if they aren’t LEGO fans it’s a fun and entertaining film to watch, they will enjoy it, you will enjoy it. It was full of English nostalgia from days gone by and so many modern days references that even teenagers will put their phones down to watch.


After the film, we were whisked away for a VIP lunch at Planet Hollywood with some cool LEGO loving celebs, LEGO people who had made the film possible and fellow bloggers Danielle, Laura, and Simon.


Our table was decked our in Amscan’s LEGO Batman Movie range, Jim made full use of the napkin as he tucked into his ribs, well something had to protect that poor white shirt. Oli was excited to see his dessert brought to him the ice cream cups. This party collection is definitely something for me to bear in mind for his 8th Birthday.



When Emma (PR at Norton&Co) came round with the box of LEGO Batman Minifigures, it was like Christmas time for the kids. Those bums didn’t leave those seats as they waited to add another figure to their collection.


The boys had the chance to check out the new range of LEGO Batman costumes from JAKKS. They are some of the best costumes I have come across, they look so realistic, and if your child has ever wanted to look like their LEGO minifigures, then this will do the job.


In Oli’s words ‘BEST LEGO DAY EVER’ apparently it was even better than the time Father Christmas delivered him the LEGO Millenium Falcon. We are already planning our next family viewing of the film; I just know that even my almost three-year-old is going to love seeing these characters brought to life.