The One With Slapped Cheek

Last Friday Oli was not feeling himself; I can tell when Oli is unwell by the look on his face. He didn’t want to go to school, and that in itself is a sign that something isn’t right. I kept him off and by the afternoon he his cheeks had started to go red. At first, I put it down to having a temperature but then I began to think it could be Slapped Cheek.


Slapped Cheek is often one of those infections that are often doing the rounds in our town. Most the kid’s schools have notice signs up saying that it is going around. I’m surprised it took this long for Oli to catch it. Oli got better after a couple of days and felt well in himself but the rash was rather itchy, so we kept him topped up with piriton and endless reminders not to scratch it.


Once the rash has developed, it’s no longer contagious, but we kept Oli off school until the itching had stopped and he was comfortable in himself.  It was one of those things where my mother’s instincts about it being slapped cheek were right, but I still did the glass test as you should with all mysterious rashes.