The One With The Broken Elbow

‘MUMMMM CHARLOTTE’S HURT HERSELF’ is what we heard from downstairs, but we had already guessed this from the crying we could hear. Both the man and I were upstairs dealing with Dylan who needed the toilet so wasn’t there when Charlotte decided to jump or fall off the sofa no doubt doing some acrobatic stunt of hers. Oli didn’t see what happened so we can only guess she fell off hurting her arm.

We bought her upstairs and snuggled her up in bed with me for mummy cuddles., we have never witnessed her cry like this before. She’s the kind of girl who will instantly be better after mummy or daddy has kissed her poorly spot. She was clutching her wrist which had us concerned, and we decided that we should probably pop her along to our local minor injuries to check her out. The moment my friends heard what happened a couple of them rushed round to sit with the boys while we popped out.

We never thought to take her PJ top off to look at the rest of the arm as she was holding her wrist, the nurse took the top off and pointed out that her elbow was swollen. We were told to go up to the main hospital for an x-ray. Detouring back to the house to let our friends know what was going on and for me to grab an overnight bag for me & Charlotte, it was already closing in on 9 pm, and I thought it wise to be prepared for a long night.

The x-ray showed us she had broken her elbow; I’ve circled the break below.


I was quite shocked when the nurse told us; I guess I was just hoping for it to be a bit of a sprain and not broken. She popped a cast on it, and we headed back to the waiting room to wait for the orthopedist.


Through the tears, I did laugh because a couple of years we said that Charlotte would probably be the first to break a bone despite her brothers being older. Bull in a china shop comes to mind with this girl. Here’s hoping it’s her first and last!



The orthopedist shocked us by saying she will probably have to have surgery. We were to stay, and 2 am saw us saying goodbye to Daddy and crawling into bed on the children’s ward. We saw so many different doctors who kept giving us conflicting information, one minute she needed the op and the next she didn’t. At one point she was going to be sent to Birmingham Children’s hospital for the operation because of her age.


Daddy came to join us after dropping the boys off at school and was there to help a tired Charlotte get a new cast on. We saw the cast room rather a lot over these few days. She had another x-ray repeated, and it was decided that she would have the operation the next day to have some pins put in. I was behind the screen when this r-ray was being done, and it looked worst than the x-ray the night before.


Charlotte was unwell the next day. She woke up with a temperature and just wasn’t herself. We had barely slept in a couple of days, and the temperature in that hospital went up and down depending on which room we were in. This meant they no longer wanted to operate on her.


She was still nil by mouth, and they were still deciding what to do until the afternoon. Thankfully they lifted the no food ban, and we got the delights of hospital food. My veg & mash loving child spat this meal back out, didn’t blame her. We traded her pudding with Daddy for a trip to the shop for some fruit and chocolate!


We got to go home and thankfully got some sleep; it had been a long few days. Charlotte was uncomfortable trying to function and sleep in her cast and spent the week sharing our bed. A week later we went back for another x-ray and a new cast. We had the possibility of the operation thrown back us when the doctor said he wanted to check with his boss and would phone us in the next few hours if we needed to come back.


Thankfully we never got that call and was in the clear. The new cast Charlotte had on now was much lighter, and she was able to use her hand more which was good news considering it was her right elbow that she broke. Our next appointment was a couple of days before Christmas, and we had the delight of the cast being removed in time for Christmas. She was very pleased to have her arm back and happily danced in front of the doctor who told us she shouldn’t be running or dancing around for a while, guess he’s not had much personal experience with toddlers.

The men in the plastering room were brilliant with Charlotte and became familiar faces through the cloud of different doctors we saw. They even gave her this selection box as they said their goodbyes.