LEGO Star Wars 75156 : Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

Rogue One LEGO Set

As LEGO & Star Fans our excitement hit top peak with the release of the new LEGO collection taken from the new Star Wars release Rogue One. We were rather excitedly sent Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle to build and review. The LEGO Star Wars is one of my favourite collections, so I was looking forward to seeing how this new set compared to our previous builds from past films.


Oli on building the set ‘It was a long set to put together and had seven bags filled with pieces, but I got there in the end. It was like putting the Millenium Falcon together. There are 863 bricks altogether.’

I thought he was just the right age to do this set by himself if he had been any younger I like to think we have done it together. (Yes I do miss those days where I had to build the bigger sets for him!) He was excited when he opened the box to see there were several bags for him to work through, this is the kind of build which would happily keep them entertained all weekend.



Oli on finishing the set ‘It was a big set, and with the wings outstretched, it was even bigger. This set has a strange looking droid that is called K-2S0. The shuttle has blasters on the wings which you can fire using your finger. I like that the mean director Krennic and his team of Elite Troopers come with it and have seats inside. The sides all open easy allowing me to put them into it.’

I thought the set looked pretty impressive once built and I could not get over the size of it. Oli loves the bigger sets and takes great pride in them, so it was the fantastic choice to add to his bigger scale Star Wars sets. The bat-like wings is the most impressive feature along with the mechanics of the door opening.



The play factor is there for those that like to do more than just display the set. Oli has been using his imagination and bringing the set to life with the included minifigures – K-2S0, Bodhi Rook, PAO, Director KRennic and 2 Imperial Death Troopers.



Overall a set that is well loved by the family and has us wanting the rest of the Rogue One LEGO sets to add to our collection. I have added a video below of Oli opening the box, he’s rather shy and just like his mummy, would rather blog than vlog. But we wanted you guys to see exactly how big and brilliant this set really is.