LEGOLAND Bricktacular 2016

As LEGOLAND Ambassadors we were invited to attend the annual LEGOLAND Bricktacular event. The day promised a visit to Father Christmas with a LEGO gift, building lots of LEGO including taking home our very own snowflake decoration and lots more which you have to admit it does all sound rather exciting for LEGO fans!

Oli had no idea where we were going that day until he saw the sign for Windsor and clicked that we were on route to LEGOLAND. Just after that he suddenly heard on the radio a shout that the Harris family were off to LEGOLAND to see Father Christmas, the look on his face was brilliant! As we reminded him, Father Christmas knows everything!


Our day started with a trip on the ‘Bricksmas Express’ which most LEGOLAND regulars know as the Hill Train. The conductors were AMAZING; they kick started our day with their energy and euphuism. They played the part with such excitement that even the parents were clapping and shouting along with them. Just before boarding, we went through the ticket station where the kids were handed their passports with information about the day as well as games.



Once at the bottom, we headed straight for the carousel where there was no queue which was a common theme throughout the day with most the rides. There are only 20 rides & attractions open during the Christmas period but as you notice while walking around most the closed ones are water related which you’ll have to agree is no fun in this weather! It was a rather cold day when we went, so most of it was iced over which was rather beautiful to look at.


This rather impressive 8 metre high LEGO Christmas Tree has all of us looking up in wonder and awe. Maybe a project for us next year if we start hoarding the green bricks now!


At the ticket station, us adults were handed tickets which allowed us to grab a free hot drink and cookie from one of the snack kiosks. We enjoyed our hot chocolates while the kids claimed our biscuits.




We had a wonder through the Elf’s workshop where we joined in with building a giant LEGO snowman, coloured in some Christmas cards and made a decoration for the tree.


We came through to Father Christmas’ Village which was good timing as it was our time to go and visit Father Christmas. Now this is where we cannot speak highly enough about the staff and the way we treated when it came to our visit. We told the ‘Elf’ at the entrance that we needed to keep our little ones in their pushchairs because of Dylan’s autism (being strapped in is his comfort blanket) and because of Charlotte not long being out of the hospital and wearing a rather heavy & awkward cast on her broken elbow. She radioed for someone to come and grab us and take another route towards the village.

When it was our turn we were led into a Christmas Tree maze (which smelt oh so Christmassy) and towards Father Christmas’s cabin. She was so good with the children and had Oli practically bouncing from tree to tree! We knocked on the door and walked into the cutest grotto to be greeted by the most lifelike Father Christmas I have ever seen.

He was the real deal to all of us; his hut was so beautifully decorated it felt like we had been transported to the North Pole! Dylan and Charlotte were happy just sat in their pushchairs looking at the lights on the tree, Oli, however, had taken a seat next to Father Christmas and told him that he had circled all the toys he liked in the catalogue. They talked about all the LEGO sets he liked, and the elves were very excited to hear about Oli’s love of NINJAGO.

We all had a photo taken with the man in red and then after our goodbyes we headed to collect our photo. It was a lovely picture, and I bought the snowglobe version as a keepsake which could become part of our annual Christmas decorations. Me & The Man agreed that he was the best Father Christmas we have seen in our several years of parenting and visiting grottos!

We made the epic mistake of heading back on the Bricktacluar Express only to look out the window and realise that we had missed out miniland! Oops! We came off and then had a walk down as we just had to see the festive additions to miniland. They had the joy of LEGO Craig David turning on the tiny LEGO illuminations and having Father Christmas do a fly by. We are so glad we went back down to see it, the kids enjoyed spotting the Christmas scenes.

We had the most wonderful day! One of our favourite visits to LEGOLAND yet! Everything about the day was perfect which is what you want when being out with the family celebrating Christmas. Oli was buzzing after his visit to Father Christmas and was ecstatic with his LEGO gift.

LEGOLAND Bricktacular in on various days from now until the 24th December, tickets are £35 which we think is a brilliant price for all you get on the day including the entry to LEGOLAND itself. Even parking is included in the price! We are already looking forward to Bricktacluar 2017!