Classic Tiny Tears Doll


Charlotte has hit that stage in her toddler life where she is all about the babies. She is fascinated by them and has become a right little mother to all her dolls. A new baby to join her collection arrived in the form of the ‘Classic Tiny Tears’ doll from John Adams to review.


The tiny tears doll is a classic doll dating back to the 1960s making it the UK’s most recognisable doll. She was the first fully functioning crying, wetting and feeding doll with closing eyes, movable arms, leg and head. Charlotte happily put all these functions to the test.


Last year she celebrated her 50th anniversary and this year sees her having a makeover. For 2016 tiny tears now wears a new outfit featuring specially designed fabric which is completely unique to her.


The life like feeding experience adds a unique experience to tiny tears which Charlotte hasn’t discovered yet with her other dolls. You can fill her ‘baby bottle’ up with water which you can then pop into baby’s mouth and gently squeeze to fill tiny tears up. When you sit her up, she will cry actual real tears!



Charlotte learnt the hard way that baby’s ‘nappy’ needed to be off before popping her on the potty otherwise she would get a wet nappy like we certainly did. This makes it a great tool for potty training a child. Charlotte recognised the doll needed to go potty just like she does when she needs to go. High fives!



As well as being accompanied by a baby bottle, nappy, dummy and potty, tiny tears also comes with a brush which gave Charlotte much enjoyment as she brushed the hair of her doll and styled it. My opinion of the doll is that’s fantastic value for its price, for the RRP of ¬£19.99, it does so much as well as including functioning accessories. It’s one toy that you will not have out batteries for come Christmas Day!