New LEGO Store Now Open In Leicester Square, London


You should have seen my face as I opened up the invite which rather excitedly was inviting us to an exclusive preview of the new LEGO store which has now opened up over in Leicester Square in London. I kept our destination as a surprise for Oli because who doesn’t like surprises?! I think he might have realised though as we headed to the tube station (which is just a few minutes walk away from the store) and saw the advertising.



We were greeted by Lester who gave us a warm welcome which was needed thanks to our typical British weather.


Oli gained a new friend in the form of H, and I got to catch up with his Dad and fellow LEGO fan, Jim from One Dad One Blog. The boys were very excited and were heading towards the stairs to see more before me, and Jim even had the chance to elbow them out the way.


Picking up a free passport on our way meant we could head to one of the models around the store and have a member of staff stamp our passport. Take advantage of being near one of the models and grab a photo. Say LEGOOOOOO!


On your way up the stairs, you are greeted by this epic London LEGO Mural. The detail is pretty fantastic, and you cannot help but to stare at it as you make out some of London’s most famous landmarks.


There is a LEGO pit which gives the children (and AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO) the chance to build some LEGO; the boys got settled with building some Christmas Trees whilst me & Jim checked out our favourite LEGO sets and did some exploring. There’s also a DUPLO table to keep the toddler entertained.


The LEGO Telephone box is one of those good opportunities for a photo. Kudos to the first person who goes with a superman top under their shirt!


Possibly the most amazing gift that you could give a LEGO fan is their very own face in LEGO! The Mosaic Maker will take a photo of your face and then incorporate it into a LEGO set for you to take home with you to build.


The ‘Build your own Minifigure’ is one of my favourite aspects to LEGO shops! It’s a family rule that wherever we go, we have to make our minifigure. £4.99 is a fantastic price for 3 figures and the storage box.


After a certain set? Explore the LEGO Range on this screen; Oli took great delight in pointing out all the LEGO Ninjago sets he has asked Father Christmas for this year.


Oli’s favourite part to the new store is the augmented reality screen which I have to admit is pretty cool! You hold up one of the bigger sets, and it will bring it to life. We watched as the dinosaur walked around the screen from this Jurrasic World set.


The staff were brilliant with the boys and took great joy in showing different sets and discussing them with them.


Created in partnership with Transport For London was this London Underground Tube carriage. It took 4,000 hours to make and already has a famous passenger on board in the form of William Shakespeare. He didn’t mind me & Oli joining him for a quick photo!


BIG thumbs up for the new LEGO Store from us! A must visit tourist destination while in London!