Bob The Builder Toys From Smoby


The children were sent the new range of Bob The Builder Toys from Smoby Toys to play with and review much to their excitement. I decided to write this review with Charlotte as she’s the biggest Bob The Builder in the house and I just knew she would love to help me put her new toy together.

Bob The Builder Dress Up Set

First up before we could get started on putting together the Bob The Builder First Work Bench we had to be wearing the right safety clothes. This is where her new Bob The Builder Dress Up Set came in handy! In the box, you will receive Bob’s famous shirt as well as his yellow safety hat, a spanner which I know is a builder’s best friend and a smartphone, after all, any good business is social savvy enough to be on social media these days.


The shirt is easy enough for toddlers to put on thanks to its velcro fastening, the sizing is good enough for it to look great on Charlotte and big enough for my skinny seven years old to fit into and it goes without saying that it would be the perfect fit for the four-year-old. There’s the chance to personalise it with your own little builder’s name on the badge included.


It’s the perfect add-on to the rest of the Bob The Builder toy range; I like to think it helped to nudge Charlotte’s imagination when it came to playing with the work bench.

Bob The Builder First Work Bench

My favourite aspect to the work bench is how quick and easy it is to put together.  I think if I would have been putting it together minus Charlotte’s help then it would have took just 10 minutes. The instructions were simple to follow, and we had no issue with any of the parts, all of this will make Christmas morning a breeze if it is being given as a present. The included stickers were easy to attach and helped to bring the bench to life.





The screwing and hammering have to be her favourite aspect to the bench; it has a feature where pushing the one bolt down has another one popping up which continues. It was hilarious for us watching Charlotte attempt to keep both the bolts down.

The tool bench is sturdy but flexible enough regarding what your child could do with it. For example, Charlotte refused to have the bench vice attached to the side of it as she wanted the extra holes for her screws, the vice can be attached anytime she decides she wants to play with it. There is no limit to the role play fun with this workbench!





Bob The Builder Tool Bag

The tool bag is the perfect starter pack for your little builder, it contains all the essential tools for them to get started including a mechanical drill that spins when you push the trigger, a saw, hammer and spanner. I love the bag which it all comes in, it can be used as a bag to carry her tools or just a general day to day bag with one of her favourite characters printed on it.






Bob The Builder Chainsaw

Something that would compliment the work bench and the rest of the range is the Bob The Builder Chainsaw. I just adore how realistic it is and how it is practically a mini version of an adult one minus the dangerous parts.



When you turn it on the finger safe blades rotate around giving it that real thing look. You get the sawing sound from pressing the button underneath the handle and the start button on the side. There is the additional sound when you twist the dial on the top which gives it that start up engine sound.

Bob The Builder Jigsaw

Another tool which would go well the with work bench is the Bob The Builder Jigsaw. The inbuilt electric motor moves the child-safe plastic saw blade up and down and the power tool makes a sawing sound. Pressing down on the jigsaw activates a light which adds to the sawing effect. It is soft and easy for Charlotte’s toddler hands to grip and use and nearly every piece of furniture in the house has been cut in her half according to her, role play is way more fun when the toy is as realistic as the real thing.


We have nothing negative to say about this Bob The builder Smoby toy range and neither do the children. Since it’s arrived it has been in constant play and as I type Charlotte is in the corner attacking (fixing?) the toy basket. It has been enjoyed as a toy for siblings to share and play wth together, great choice of toys for Bob The Builder fans!