Stranger Things, Fireworks & Epic Burgers #LittleLoves



In my last #LittleLoves post, I mentioned that I was reading a book by Rachel Abbott which I have since finished and enjoyed. I decided to go on and read the rest of the books in her series, be it backwards but thankfully that hasn’t ruined the background storylines too much. I read ‘Stranger Child’ which was brilliant with twists I never saw coming and finishing it left me with a thirst to know what happened to one of the characters and I was ecstatic to see she has followed it up with the mini-story ‘Nowhere Child‘ which I’m half way through.


I have finally got round to watching Stranger Things which I’m pretty sure everyone else has watched by now. I do not do gore or horror films, and I had some mixed reports from people telling me it may scare me but others saying I would be OK. Well, I gave it a go, and there were moments where I may have watched in between my fingers, but I am glad I did as I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to season 2!


Fireworks! Lots of fireworks! We heard and saw some at the LEGOLAND, but since that weekend we have heard them most evenings. I have a personal grumble with this as I believe they should be for professional displays only. I have a child who is unpredictable with these noises and a dog which is terrified so a planned relaxing evening for me could turn into chasing a dog around the house as he tries to hide under the bed.



Mess! Lots of it! Mainly LEGO related mess though as we decided to start colour sorting it so we could rebuild some of our original LEGO sets. It was all I spent last weekend doing and come Sunday night I went to bed seeing LEGO bricks!



My Monsoon boots! Oh, how I missed wearing them in the summer season! Excuse the look on my face; it was one of those quick use the public bathroom mirror while it’s empty kinda shot. My current obsession is dungaree dresses, and this pair from ASOS is my favourite as it looks like a skirt from behind with a zip going down it.


And lastly.

I and some friends decided that this week we would road trip it over to Birmingham to do some shopping and finally try the food at Rub Smokehouse. It has been teasing us on Facebook for months with its epic specials and we have been desperate to try them. It didn’t disappoint! This burger not only has a couple of beef burgers but also a chicken taco and pulled pork taco in it, safe to say I didn’t need any dinner that evening!