LEGOLAND NEXO Knights Firework Spectacular


As LEGOLAND Windsor blogger ambassadors we were invited to come and watch the LEGOLAND NEXO Knights Firework Spectacular. Now despite being big LEGOLAND fans we were yet to visit a firework display, I like to think we picked a good theme for our first show as LEGO NEXO Knights sets are a current favourite in this LEGO mad household!


We kick started the day with some of our favourite rides including some rides we were yet to discover, the Sky Rider being one of them. Now have you ever had one of those moments with your child where you have pushed them to do something they insist on not wanting to do, but you know once they do it, they will love it? I had one of those with Oli on this ride, and we even had tears as he said he didn’t want to do it, it was a case of really insisting that he had to go on it especially as the rest of the family all wanted to go on. And guess what? Yeah, look at that smile below! He loved the ride and was glad I made him go on it, and I avoided a potential bad mother moment *high fives!*



That was the only wobble of the day from one of the children, and it came from Oli, not Dylan who is Autistic. It seems the more we bring Dylan to LEGOLAND the more he is enjoying the atmosphere and the rides we take him on. The staff have always been excellent with him as we explain his noises and flapping, they go out the way to make sure we are set up to have a fun time with him as a family, and this is why we will be lifelong visitors to LEGOLAND Windsor.

We also had concerns about the fireworks, as any autism parents know autistic children can be sensitive to noises. Dylan is unpredictable to what he can deal with; this is why we try to live as normal lives as possible and cater to his needs as and when they arise. The staff helped us put a plan into place where if Dylan couldn’t cope then one of use could whizz him into guest services near to where we were going to stand. Having a plan like this as simple as it gave us a sense of relief and we were able to go on with our day without worry.


The rest of the day was spent having lots of family fun and making more LEGOLAND related memories to take home with us. Despite going several times a year, we always find new stuff to explore, or as the children get older, they find they are now tall enough for rides they were not able to go before. Still yet to convince one of them to come on the water rides with me, though!


Choosing an outlet for lunch is always a tough decision as there’s so much to choose from. We almost went with the epic hot dog stand after I spotted you could have pulled pork on one but I was outnumbered as the rest of them decided that all you can eat pizza & pasta was the winning choice. Never have I been so relieved to of wore some stretchy clothes as I did that afternoon, we had every kinda of pizza available to us as well as some yummy pasta bolognese which was a big hit with my bolognese loving toddler.

Coming out of City Walk Pizza & Pasta meat walking straight into the heart of Heartlake City which just happened to be the perfect spot for the firework event which would shortly be taking place. Typically it started raining just as the event got under way but being Brit we didn’t let this hold us back, we purchased ourselves some stunning bright yellow ponchos and had lots of fun dancing in the rain.


Available from various points around the park are 3D glasses which claimed to turn the firework into LEGO bricks, yeah I pulled a sceptical face at this as well. And true to their word when the fireworks started we could see through the glasses that bricks were shooting down through the sky. This bunch of LEGO lovers thought this added touch was pretty amazing!

The stunning lights display that we saw during the disco start continued throughout the fireworks with the LEGO NEXO Knights battling the evil Jestro. It was fun to listen to and added something extra to the sky which was being lit up right in front of it. Had to applaud the full moon which made the view that little bit more magical.









We loved every minute of it, and Dylan coped well for most it with The Man only having to take him to guest services for some quiet time just towards the end. The firework display was followed up by a walk around LEGOLAND in the dark which in Oli’s words ‘is pretty cool!’ Everything looked so different, and it provided a different kind of backdrop to the Miniland scenes we are so familiar with during the day.


The unmissable Fireworks shows are held on 15th, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th October and 5th November! Perfect for this October Half term!