Pumpkin Spice Latte & Gilmore Girls #LittleLoves



I’m still mourning the fact I have finished ‘Career Of Evil’ by Robert Galbraith (pen name for JK Rowling) and is the third in the Comoran Strike series. With JK’s busy schedule it could be a while until I’m reading the forth. My current read is ‘Kill Me Again’ by Rachel Abbott, I’m only a couple of chapters in but am already gripped by the storyline! It’s available for free with kindle unlimited.


I was 16 years late to watching Gilmore Girls, but I made up for that by watching all several seasons within a couple of months. God bless Netflix. I got through it so quickly that I had friends trying to calculate how many hours it took me to watch it all and then go on to ask if I had done anything else but watch Gilmore Girls, my answer was no.


Charlotte’s vocalably¬† is expanding by the day, at 30 months she now pretty much knows all the important words there is to know in life. This week we have heard numbers 1,2,3,4 & 5 from her. Sentences are coming along, and we hear full sentences from her now she puts words together. Go Charlotte!



I was craving the afternoon tea without the afternoon tea destination, so what better than to have a homemade one at home. We had sandwiches followed by some yummy scones and topped that off with some Mr Kipling cakes. My little cake lover was in afternoon tea heaven!



Pretty much living in the sale haul, I got from ASOS lately but have been spicing things up with some Anglo-Saxon wear. We thought we would give vintage a try, that and Charlotte requested that we all dress up while visiting Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum.


And lastly..

You know autumn has arrived when you have your first sip of Pumpkin Spice Latte. I like to enjoy mine minus children and accompanied by a chocolate twirl.