The One Where The Family Got The Lurgy


Gosh, what a week!

A week ago we decided we needed to escape for the weekend to see the sea, the place where we feel at home. The change of scenery and sea air was needed. We cancelled Charlotte’s planned Birthday party for that weekend with the promise of doing a tea party for her friends later on in the week. Hampshire’s Top Attractions had sorted us out with some tickets to Blue Reef Aquarium and Peppa Pig World, we were so excited and knew Charlotte would love what we had planned. I booked the rather lovely Queen’s Hotel right on the sea front.

We packed in preparation to continue the Spiderman party theme we were going to go ahead with, Charlotte’s Spiderman costume as well as themed clothes for the rest of us. My plan was for us all to dress up the Sunday morning on her Birthday and have our little party in the hotel room. I even decided that I would use her Spiderman cupcake stand to hold a dozen Krispy Kremes, which we would present to her as her Birthday cake. The kids would have loved that!


Only none of these plans happen! We got our change of scenery, and Oli & I got to experience the sea air but come to the drive down the man was starting to feel unwell, and by the time we got to the hotel, the only place he needed to be was in bed. I ordered room service as we needed to eat ( yummy homemade burger) and then shipped everyone off to bed with the hope that the man would feel better in the morning.


Come the morning Dylan was still asleep which was rare; he had woke up at a normal time and had started to play with the iPad, but he had fallen asleep on the floor. He had come become ill, and it was clear that Charlotte was not very well either. So much for our day trip to Peppa Pig world! I got a taxi that morning at 7 am to hunt out some medicine (rookie mistake forgetting to pack that!) Dosed them all up and left them to all sleep it off while Oli & I went to explore.


We had an enjoyable walk along the Southsea sea front, something we use to do almost daily back when we lived down South when he was just two years of age. We walked along to Gunwharf Quays where we found ourselves in Coast to Coast having breakfast. Naturally, after that we hit the shops and came away with some fantastic bargains, retail therapy can make anyone smile. We were missing the rest of the family though so headed back to where the was no change in the sick patients unless you count Dylan being sick and me having to ring housekeeping and apologise profoundly for what had happened. Charlotte perked up as the day went on so Oli & I took her into Portsmouth City Centre to see if we could find her some Birthday presents. She wasn’t herself, so much so that she stayed in her pram instead of looking at the toys and she barely noticed the huge number 2 balloon we got. We went back and spent our evening just reading, playing toys with Oli and eating a room service dinner again.


Hoping Sunday would be different, and that we could, at least, go across to the Blue Reef Aquarium which we would see from our hotel window, I was sad to see it wasn’t and that my family were still unwell, poor Charlotte was not even interested in any of the small presents we had wrapped for her. The man had perked up enough to be able to drive, so we came home much to Oli’s disappointment.

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That was all a week ago, and everyone is still unwell, they even kindly shared their lurgy with me, and for the last few days, I have had the most horrendous cough. Charlotte’s Birthday came and went with cake or the birthday song we are hoping that today is the last day of the lurgy and tonight we will all be well enough to sit around the table and enjoy a family meal.