Fighting The Urge To Ditch The Buggy

As I’m currently sunning it up in California with the family some of my favourite bloggers have kindly agreed to guest post on my blog to keep it ticking over whilst I’m away. Today I have Clare from Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too!

There is always an inbetween period where a child needs a buggy, them wanting their own independence and us parents not wanting to let them go and I hit that stage almost 6 months ago.

Harry has always been a great Walker, opting to walk the mile to and from pre-school from the age of 2. This was a strange new independent toddler stage I wasn’t used to, Emmy still had to be picked up from Nursery with the pushchair aged 3 and a half and she would fall asleep almost as soon as we left the grounds.

They’ve always been very different so I shouldn’t have been surprised really, Emmy could only manage half a day at pre-school while Harry went straight into full days and thrived, still having the energy to walk home again, most of the time.

It’s that most of the time which is making me want to hold onto my last buggy.
Once or twice a week Harry gets too tired to walk and I have to carry him home on my shoulders.  At almost 2 and a half stone and being a tall boy, it’s taking its toll on my back and shoulders and boy does it hurt after a while.

The trouble is he hates the idea of going into the buggy, it’s “for babies”  he says and screams if I even attempt.

He hasn’t been into the buggy for at least 6 months now but why then can I not sell it on?  Why is it taking up loads of room at the end of my kitchen table set up ready to use if needed?  I know it’s not needed, he won’t go into it but I can’t let go.

I’ve used a buggy for 6 years, had about 10 different ones in that time, I’ve clocked up SO many walking miles over that time, had singles, doubles, travel systems and strollers. Some I’ve loved others I’ve hated.

I’ve managed to squeeze 2 children into a single when needed, over loaded them many times even managing to bring a weeks shopping home most weeks in the baskets and hanging bags from handles and frames.

I’ve loved them and abused them equally. It’s safe to say they’ve served me well over the years, like an old friend I’m just not ready to part with this last one just yet.