Disney Frozen Sing Along Elsa Doll


Does your toddler or child want to sing just like Elsa? Well, now they can come with the new Disney Frozen Sing Along With Elsa Doll. Inspired by the character from the movie, you can now sing along with Elsa to “Let It Go”. We were sent one to review with the children and I think this video as well as showing it being unboxed sums up just how much we enjoyed playing with it but please do read on to hear our thoughts.

Charlotte is almost 2 and was born around the time Frozen became the big hit that it is. It has quickly become one of those Disney classics that every child must and probably will see and Charlotte has been no exception. She has followed her big brother in becoming a huge Frozen fan and between them, both Frozen has pretty much been on our TV screen at least once a week. Introducing Elsa to Charlotte was like the first she discovered cake, there was much excitement!


For someone who had never seen a microphone before she knew exactly where it went and what to do with it which was adorable in itself. She refused to let us or big brother show her what to do so we let her go with the flow to see how she would play with it. It is recommended for ages 3+ not like that stops my 1 (going on 21) year old from playing with it.


Elsa has three different modes one being that you can sing as a duet and when the microphone is placed in front of Elsa she will sing. When the microphone is taken away, you can pick up where Elsa left off. Another mode and option for little ones are that they can sing the song together with Elsa.


The third mode is letting the little ones sing the song themselves while Elsa plays the instrumental version. The children have enjoyed all three modes and enjoy just picking up the microphone and going with the flow. Charlotte’s favourite bit by far is the chorus and at the age one her vocabulary is fairly limited but ‘let it go’ is a phrase she learnt long ago. It is ridiculously adorable watching her trying to sing along and if you have a toddler Frozen fan then this is totally a must-have gift for them, it really is cute watching them karaoke it along to their favourite song.



Elsa has become Charlotte’s new best friend and is now being carried all over the house with her, pushed around in a pram and joining in with tea parties with all her fluffy toys. So not only are you buying this singing toy but you are also getting this proper toy doll and what little girl doesn’t like a doll to look after.


As you may have heard in that first video Oli isn’t exactly the most tuneful person around and sadly he gets that from me. One amazing function that Elsa has is the ability for you to pick which parts you would like to sing by yourself while Elsa sings the rest. Oli took advantage of this and while Elsa sang the main bulk of the song; he did the chorus.

If this is on your little one’s list to Father Christmas then have no doubt that it will be pennies well spent, we were thinking about getting to for Charlotte for Christmas when we first saw the TV advert and now I’m kicking myself for not getting it straight away. It will make yours and your little one’s day as they spend it singing along with Elsa. You can find it over on Amazon to purchase.