Little Tikes Little Oceans Explorers


Brand new from Little Tikes is the new Lil’ Ocean Explorers range which has been designed to discover and celebrate your baby’s milestones. They have come up with eight rather funky sea creatures which have been created to help develop motor skills, coordination and confidence as well as being hours of fun for our very own little adventurers.


I and Charlotte were invited to join Little Tikes at the launch event for this fantastic new active play range, with the promise of cake for me and lots of new toys for Charlotte to play with we happily accepted this invite. We have long been a big fan of Little Tikes, and they have been in our children’s lives since our first was born back in 2009, they are a brand that I trust to provide both developmental play and fun for my children.

Little Tikes have partnered with independent child development and play expert, Dr. Amanda Gummer. Dr Amanda has been putting it to the test and says; “I believe play is the key way for babies and toddlers to develop and the Lil’ Ocean Explorers range is all about encouraging motor skills by having fun. The colourful characters capture attention so children are achieving milestones without even knowing it!”

They certainly captured our attention when discovering the range for ourselves, Charlotte at 20 months is at the age where pretty much everything is of interest to her and she already processes those skills of imaginative play. The 3-in-1 Adventure Course caught her eye and she instantly discovered the many different ways it could be played with including her very own game of putting its weight limit to the test. It’s not meant to be sat on of course, but that didn’t stop her, the durability, and high quality of it meant it was safe for her to explore in her way.


And when she didn’t want to sit on it she sat right underneath it. It is the kind of toy I could happily watch her playing with for hours on end. The 3-in-1 Adventure Course is suitable for ages 6 – 36 months and helps baby with those three key developmental milestones: sitting, crawling and standing.


You can watch Charlotte in action below but typically in front of the video camera, she didn’t want to do a full crawl under it for me. But you can see for yourself just how much fun a baby/toddler could have with it!



We were kindly sent away with a goodie bag full of Little Tikes toys as well as some of the amazing biscuits pictured above. As you can see, Charlotte was very excited about taking it home with her, well until she realised she couldn’t fit it through the door.


If you are looking for ideas for Christmas presents for the under 3 in your life this year then give the Lil’ Ocean Explorers range a try, the prices I think are fantastic for such high-quality toys. I have already asked Father Christmas to bring my two youngest the Stand ‘N Dance Starfish and the Pull ‘Chatter Lobster!

I will leave you with some top tips from Dr. Amanda for active play with your little ones:

  1. Give your child specific directions, like asking them to sort out shapes on the Crawl in Pop! Turtle, to teach them to follow instructions and observe the results of an action.
  2. Use the Ball Chase Octopus to roll balls for your child to go and retrieve, to encourage movement.
  3. At around 18 months old, you can encourage your child to throw the ball into a hoop from a short distance, like with the Dunk ‘n’ Juggle Seal.
  4. Move toys just out of reach to stimulate further movement. The Catch Me Crabbie is ideal for this: it skittles across the floor, encouraging your little ones to chase it.