LA Here We Come!

You know when you get this idea in your head and without thinking you share it out aloud? OK so maybe you dont, but I do this all the time, it goes in the same box as not thinking before I speak. And I pretty sure the husband thinks when I share these ideas that I have given them much thought and not just let it tick over for 2 seconds in my head. Anyway… I am a huge comic fan; I love all things superheroes and Stephen Amell has for now replaced the children as my wallpaper on every gadget and device I own. For some reason this year I was mega jealous of all those experiencing San Diego Comic-Con in the flesh and was kicking myself for not looking into going myself for the first time. I then thought why not go next year and take the family. So I say this out aloud, and that was it, the husband was immediately on board, and a hour later we were in the travel agents planning a family trip to San Diego.


So the next couple of days was spent looking into itineraries and how we would go about it. Funnily enough the more we decided we wanted to do, the more costly it was becoming and the fact it was the end of July and prime summer holiday did not help. I then started to think about Comic-Con with kids in toll, and how it would be a completely different experience to me being by myself, Hall H would be out the question, and we would have had to take it at their pace. Oli would have adored it, and Charlotte would have adored coming up with Cosplay ideas with me. So airing this out aloud the husband priced up the Easter Holidays with California and funnily enough, it was 1/3 the cost of July.

With the amount, we could save it kind of trumped my need want idea of going to SDCC, and I put that idea aside. We found the most fantastic package in Los Angeles for the 5 of us with British Airways, and we loved the look of the hotel which is just 5 minutes away from Disneyland. I have pointed out that with the amount we are saving that I could go out to San Diego by myself in July, but I am yet to figure out if the man’s facial expression was a yes, maybe or ‘no way unless you are taking me because I will be extremely jealous and I know you will run off with Stephen Amell given half the chance’.

There is so much to do in the area we are staying in with some beautiful beaches nearby. We have already hired out a car so that we can visit San Diego and go to Legoland, SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo. Oli is so excited, and after showing him on his globe where we are going to be flying to it, it took that excitement up several notches. So far he is most excited about Cars Land and seeing the animals at the zoo. Of course, Charlotte has no idea what we are doing let alone where we are going but I know she will love this adventure we are going on and I have already been eyeing up some shops for us to visit.


I have never really been one for the travelling bug and have been so happy with staying in the UK and had planned on continuing with this until the kids were older. But now we are in the process of planning and looking at where in America we are staying/visiting I can feel that bug biting, and now the kids have passports I am already wondering if we can fit in somewhere new and random over the Christmas holidays.

It really is so nice to have some big adventure to look forward to, and after the last several years of ups & downs, we totally deserve this as a family. We do have that one tiny… OK.. HUGE detail that Dylan and his autism which means it may be slightly more difficult than just flying to America with 3 children. From the get-go we have been determined not to let autism take over our lives, and this is no exception.