I Would Take It All Away

The silence

The challenges

The eating issues

The frustration

The not understanding

The lack of empathy

The repetitiveness

The noises

The flapping

The lashing out

The mess

The lack of interaction

The routines

The sensory issues

I would take it all away and have the three-year-old that does not have to deal with all the above. So that none of us would have to deal with it so that he can live his life as normal as the rest of us.

I see many conversations on autism forums around the topic ‘would you take away the autism or keep it?’ Right now I want to take it away, so far away. I wish so much that it wasn’t in our lives. As we experience this journey to an Autism diagnosis and accepting it into our lives, I am allowed to feel this way for now. I can say this out loud and not feel guilty. I will not feel guilty for wanting to take it away from him.

Who would ever wish a disability on their child?