BBC Good Food Show Summer

If there is one date that you must add to your food diary, then make it the BBC Summer Good Food Show. We are a family of food lovers and seeing as the NEC is just down the road from us we could not pass up on the opportunity to go along for the day. You may not have given thought to a food show being a family fun day out before so we will tell you why we believe that it is the perfect family day out.


Tickets can be purchased online or on the day but we highly recommend buying online, so you do not have to queue to buy tickets once there, which to be honest isn’t always that much fun for the little ones. Plus they are usually much cheaper with offers on advance tickets.

Our youngest two wasn’t sure where they were going, but we explained to our eldest Oli in the car, and he was mega excited at the idea of trying out new foods and seeing lots of pretty flowers in Gardeners World. Our excitement was the same in regards to trying out new foods and doing some shopping.

Top of my shopping list was some more Cotswold Gold after recently finishing our latest bottle. What I didn’t expect however was to be greeted with these rapeseed oil infusions, and us very much enjoyed trying them all out. So instead of just a bottle of rapeseed oil, we came away with four enjoyable flavours, which have already been included in many of our dishes. We can highly recommend covering sweet potato wedges in the chilli or rosemary infusion.


Every kid loves peanut butter, right? Ok so our eldest doesn’t, but his sister does and so does the oldest kid (the husband), so we couldn’t resist the Proper Nutty stand, and after sampling some, we came away with a jar. I was pleased that it was purely a jar full of nutty goodness and none of the bad added stuff which we as a family are on a mission to avoid.


The Super Theatre. A MUST go to event while at the BBC Good Food Show, and we were fortunate enough to experience James Martin cooking live. Oh how we giggled and enjoyed ourselves, he even has a new fan in the form of Oli who watched in amazement as he made the most AMAZING bacon sandwich (his words) and worked his magic on the food in front of him.


My diet change has recently happened, and part of it has been trying to cut out gluten as much as possible. I notice a huge difference between eating gluten-filled snacks to gluten free so as I gradually change my diet over I am learning what foods can and cannot be eaten. In today’s world companies are noticing that gluten free foods are needed, and there were plenty of them at the food show. So do not worry if you or the children have special food needs as you are bound to find something for you all to enjoy.

We did rather enjoy the Mrs Crimbles stand, and we are kicking ourselves for not going back to buy some of the delicious gluten free pasta we tried or to grab some of these bargain biscuits.


Another must get item from my shopping list was some popcorn from Joe & Seph. One of our favourite evening snacks and popcorn is one of a few foods that Dylan will consume thanks to Autism. After trying lots of different flavours, we came away with a bag of the chocolate mint. Mmm…


Based on a recommendation from James Martin we went and found this ice cream stand which the name of has totally escaped me. If I remember (ask the husband), I will edit this bit. They were so kind in letting us taste all the different flavours before deciding on our ice creams, but despite the wide variety, the children decided on chocolate ice creams. Three words… Ice cream heaven.


There are plenty of opportunities for the weekend to see your favourite chefs in actions as well as even meet them at signings. Failing that there’s always this option. There’s not many 16 months old’s who can say they have their picture taken with Mary Berry 😉

charlotte & mary berry

After stuffing our faces with trying out lots of new food/drink and also buying lots as we went round and not being about to carry anymore (Oli tried and loved coconut water so grabbed several bottles of that), we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and visit Gardeners World. For the price of your tickets to the food show you also get the delights of this whole other show making it rather good value for money. I came away from that with some allium bulbs ready to plant in the autumn.

We did have a fantastic day as a family doing something which should be enjoyed together (food), and we came away from it richer with new tastes and brands to love. It is a family atmosphere, and one thing I just had to note is that they have a room especially for families to take some time out in, feed the children and just to rest their weary legs. Thumbs up from us for being so family friendly. We are already looking forward to next year!