What’s in your Baby’s Changing Bag?

So the guys at John Lewis decided they wanted to have a nose at what we pack in our changing bag, so much so that they sent us this rather beautiful Sophie and Matt Changing Bag to review. It has become our new favourite go-to bag for our daily outings, and I plan on using it when I go away for a bag for me to use because of its ability to not look like your typical baby changing bag.


Included with the changing bag is a coordinating changing mat so no worries about having to buy a separate one which would clash with your beautiful bag. There is a zipped compartment on the outside which I have found particularly useful for notes such as taking that little red book along for baby’s immunisations. There are two pouches either side of the bag which I hi-fived as I have two little ones who’s drinks I need to carry around. Inside are more pockets which are ideal for carrying around baby bottles as well as all those other essentials. What I love most about it is that you can very easily wipe it clean, meaning that when it gets covered in food or dirt, all it will take is a baby wipe to make it look as good as new again.


I like its ability to go with any pram no matter the style of colour; the handles are the genius aspect with how you can change them to sit comfortably on the pram with just its two velcro straps. Want to use it away from the pram then just reattach the long strap, I always carry whatever handles I am not using in the bag so I can adapt to the travel situation while on the go.


I like to think after six years of experiencing baby days I have perfected what I need to take out and about with me in my changing bag. Though remembering to pack it all isn’t something I have quite developed after all this time. This is currently some of our changing bag essentials, all of which are available to buy at John Lewis.



What’s in your baby’s changing bag?