Vitamix at BritMums Live

By far my favourite brand at BritMums Live 2015 had to be Vitamix. Not the Lindemans Wine that was next door to it or even the Carnival Cruise Lines stand (though pick me to be a Cruise fun seeking family and you may just top my favourite list!) I had so much fun watching the lovely Vitamix man create so many fantastic creations and it was even more fun getting to try them all. His machinery was hot stuff and I have had to explain this to the man who may have raised eyebrows when uploading my numerous photos of him.


I am not one to usually stand video recording anything but I wanted to remember this recipe for the cabbage ice cream (yes really) and the soup so I could recreate it at home. So I have dusted off my YouTube channel and uploaded the video in case you would also like to experience the delights of cabbage and courgette ice cream.

It fascinated me afterwards how he created some compost with all the rubbish that was simply laying around. We are slowly becoming more of an eco-friendly family and we actually have two compost bins in our garden so we are all about the composting. Of course, I bought that filming hand back out to catch this on camera.

Just the day before the BritMums weekend the man actually broke my blender so now it has a crack in it. Still workable but it does not seem to work as well but part of me is wondering if this is more the fact I have witnessed the Vitamix in action. The man likes to buy me appliances for occasions so he can take this as his hint for the next one.