The One With The Hayfever


So at first I thought I had a common cold and cursed the fact I got this cold in Summer. As it didn’t start to disappear, I then assumed I had man flu because we all know how serious that can be. After week 3 and going into week 4, I started to question that and wondered if it could be hayfever. I asked the man about this because I know how he has suffered in the years gone by from it, and he was adamant that you could not just get hayfever for the first time out of nowhere whereas I was pretty sure you could.

As usual in our house, I am always was right, and after asking on Twitter, I heard many people talking about how they or their wives/husbands and children have developed it for the first time this year. The man still thinking it was a virus in the mean time had surprised me with a bouquet of flowers for our wedding anniversary. You should have seen the cursing that the poor man who delivered them to my door received.


It makes sense to me why after a day at the BBC Good Food Show and visiting the Gardeners World tent my face was ready to burst. I have found the mornings and evenings be the worst time for me and sleeping have been rather impossible.

The man is still adamant that I have some virus, but in the meantime, he has been prompting me to take my hayfever medication every morning. I, however, am now admiring my flowers from afar (they are sat at the other end of our garden in a vase) and wondering at the same time how I can kill them off.

If anyone wants me, I will be the one they call ‘that vampire’ as she avoids daylight and brandishing a cross at anyone carrying flowers.