The Baby Show – NEC Birmingham


If there is a place I have regularly visited over the last six years, it has to be The Baby Show. I have been to the show all over, but when it’s down the road from me in Birmingham then I definitely cannot miss it! I say down the road but this one day where the husband was at work I had to get three trains, and it took me a couple of hours (same time as London) to get to the NEC whereas it only takes about half hour in the car.

Found it to be worth it though as we walked in and met a rather smiley Dean. Dean is the founder of the unique, award-winning programme for men: DaddyNatal. The only programme run by professional male antenatal educators, it focuses on supplying men with the support and information needed to prepare them for their role in childbirth and as a father.

One thing I like doing has a wander around all the different brands exhibiting and seeing what new products are available and shopping for things we need like bottles and teethers, can never have enough of those with two toddlers around. Top of my must-see list was the Stokke Home, and it’s just as beautiful in the flesh though I cannot help but prefer the Stokke Sleepi which was our choice of a cot for Dylan. I could imagine Charlotte having lots of fun in it though as she goes from baby to toddler so maybe something for us to bear in mind.

Am kicking myself for not getting her that rather large dolls house pictured below, it was so big to her that she tried climbing the stairs and closing the door behind herself. Mega cute and I know if Daddy had been with us he would have snapped it up straight away for her. It was such bargain price as well as most of the products available to buy that day at the show; I only wish I would have known about The Baby Show several years ago when I was preparing to become a mother for the first time.


We spent the afternoon with Carly and Elsie from Mummy & The Chunks, who we went and checked out Tommee Tippee’s new cup range and Arla Big Milk with. As you can see the girls gave us the delights of napping in their prams.


And talking about prams, you do know The Baby Show is the perfect place to go when it comes to shopping for either that first or new set of wheels? Most pram brands exhibit and give you the opportunity of seeing the prams in the flesh where I highly recommend getting your hands on the one you like and giving it a push. I learnt myself with the Cosatto Ooba just how well a pram can look nice but doesn’t live up to your expectations of it once you use it.

Prams I thought were eye-catching beautiful was the Van Gogh Bugaboo, iCandy Raspberry, egg and the IVVI Nuna caught my eye because of that HUGE basket. I stood for a while holding and rocking the egg back and forth; I adored the feel of the handle and how it pushed.


Visiting The Baby Show means visiting some of our favourite people and Vicki over at Mummy & Little Me was our first stop for cuddles. The last time we saw her was when Charlotte was several weeks old at the last Birmingham show and the time before that was when I was pregnant and attended the fantastic Mummy & Little Me Pregnancy Retreat.

Now Charlotte has a little bag addiction where at the age of 15 months she already owns several Charlotte sized bags. She decided these were not enough for her and picked out the bag she liked and walked off with it. Too funny and cute to find it naughty.


Her mini shoplifting spree continued when we went around the other side to visit Keira at Mama Designs. Charlotte (rocking her Snoodie) by this point wasn’t interested in cuddles and more interested in whatever swag she could get her hands on. The new cellular blankets caught her eye, so she decided to do a runner with one of those.


We had a wonder over to Nuna where a rather friendly bearded man talked us through i-size and showed us the new rebl.


We then went over to Joie to talk more about i-size and to choose Charlotte’s next stage car seat and received a demonstration of how it works with the base.


We thoroughly enjoyed our day which goes to show you don’t have to expectant parents or mum to a newborn to get something out of it. We came away with new teethers for both Charlotte, who has new teeth coming through and Dylan who likes to chew due to his Autism. New drink cups as you never have enough of them and armed with the knowledge that keeping Charlotte rear facing as she goes into the next stage with her Joie seat will be safer.