Me, The Man & The Kids

You know what is more stressful than moving house? Changing your blog name!

So for over six years now I have been ‘Me, The Man & The Baby‘ but two more children and with the plan not to have any more, the time has come to put that title to rest. It made sense to become ‘Me, The Man & The Kids‘ so not a huge change but one which will let people know there is no longer a baby in the house.

As I type this my almost 16-month-old (going on 16) is sat chatting to her teddies and amazing me with her imagination. So bye bye baby days and hello once again to the Toddler days.

My blog isn’t going to change too much other than the name, and its design (cannot wait to show you the finished thing) and the subject of conversation will stay the same. You will still find me moaning about anything and everything, review products we as a family find useful and chatting about our past experiences with HG, Prenatal Depression, Maternal Mental Health, Co-sleeping and Breastfeeding. I am not ready to get rid of these page tabs above just yet but who knows what the future will bring.

What you will find new this year is that I have started to blog openly about our experience of Autism, how we continue on our journey to receive a diagnosis for our three-year-old Dylan. This is mainly my reason for shying away from the blog lately and not wanting to blog about much else, safe to say it has been and continues to be such an emotional roller-coaster for us as a family.

After this weekends BritMums ‪Live blogging conference it has given me that boost to carry on blogging the way I am but with a fresh perspective on it all. I will continue blogging for myself as I started all those years ago (back when I could count the number of fellow parent bloggers on my hands & toes!) But I want to blog for those who are in similar situations, I want them to find the comfort that I take from reading blogs which I can relate to.

For continuing to be someone who listens to me no matter what I am saying and for sticking with me through the ups & downs, I thank you.