Little Tikes Cape Cottage Review

We were sent the Little Tikes Cape Cottage in pink to review with the children; we do like to take the approach of reviewing items with all the children if the product is age suitable. In this case, the Little Tikes Cape Cottage is for ages 24 months – 5 years. Charlotte at 15 months (going on 15) is besotted by her very own little house, Oli at six wants to move permanently into it, and Dylan at 3 likes the shutter windows. I love how it has brightened up our rather dull garden which currently has lots of work need doing to it.


Setting up was simple and took about 15 minutes which is much better than the 6 hours it took to build the wooden playhouse. I would say it helped to have these little helpers but if they had their way the roof would be on the bottom by now.


If you are not a fan of attempting to hunt out the screwdriver (mine never stays in the same place), then the fact it is screw-less will please you. The only screwing needed is at the end when you attach the flag holders. There are plastic inserts which are tightened up by that pink key below and the roof just simply slots into place.


Ever find yourself cursing the fact you have to apply the stickers yourself? Well, the Little Tikes stickers were some of the most simple and easy to peel stickers I have used. So much so I felt the need to the point that out in this review and accompany it with a picture. The stickers do help to bring the Little Tikes Cape Cottage to life.


The Cottage was up in no time at all and was ready to play with straight away, unlike the wooden playhouse to the left of this photo where it took me several months to get the windows cut down to size and inserted, and it is still waiting to be painted. If you want a playhouse without much hassle or effort, then a Little Tikes Playhouse is the way to go.


I seem to spend hours in the day waiting for the postman to arrive but with the cottage, the postman can come anytime you want. It has a mail slot ready to receive any post, the only difference being the post is unlikely to be electricity bills.

All three kids are enjoying playing with the cottage and have all found their unique ways to play with it. There is plenty of room for the children to play in it together which surprised me as from the outside it did not look that roomy so am pleased to have one which fits them all and does not take up much room in the garden. So ideal if you only have a small space but still want all the fun and joy that a playhouse can bring.


We were already huge Little Tikes fans, and our Little Tikes Cosy Coupe Royal was a much-loved addition to the garden when we bought it last year for the children to enjoy. It goes well with our new Cape Cottage and below is where I caught Oli and Charlotte playing Mums & Dads. Oli was apparently driving off to work, and I can only assume that Charlotte is trying to call Oli to tell him he has forgotten his lunch.


It is a new addition this year for Little Tikes and comes in red/black, tan/red and of course this pink one. We happily picked pink as it is a colour that all three children enjoy and like I said it does brighten up our garden. We do love our fun, bright colours, and many of Little Tikes products fit in with this statement of ours.


You know I said it was roomy? Here is the proof of that with the fact both I and the man can fit in with the children. Daddy is most often found sat in the cottage these days as ordered by a certain small child of his who totally has her Daddy under the thumb. I can see lots of fun ahead this Summer as her imagination grows with age.


The detail on the house is cute, and the way it looks like bricks with a slatted roof helps to make it seem that little bit more real. It has flag holders where you could encourage the kids to make their very own personalised flags for their cottage. Ideal for a rainy day perhaps?

There is plenty of room for Charlotte to easily walk in and out and the same with Dylan; Oli has to bend his head slightly, but he is six after all. Charlotte has the delights of her very own play space and can easily push open the doors and windows.


Dylan’s reaction to the playhouse was a surprise to us as he has Autism and small spaces can sometimes be overwhelming for him. Some days he cannot tolerate being close to people, but he did not mind this as much when in their playhouse. He thoroughly enjoyed being open to open and shut the windows and doors as much he wanted. No worries for me as they are made out some rather durable plastic so no concerns about trapped fingers.


Safe to say we as a family adore our new Little Tikes Cape Cottage and cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for a playhouse for your little ones. At just under £100 we think it is great value for money and will give you just as much fun as what a playhouse triple its cost would.