Announcing My BritMums Live Sponsor

I seem to have the habit of leaving it all to last minute when sorting out my BritMums Live tickets, hotel and travel. This year I have been unsure to if I could go or not as I am still feeding Charlotte at night and we have not established any other way of feeding, and I did not want to leave her. So I was not going to go and then sulked because I wanted to go. So my next plan was to take the whole family to London with me for the weekend, not cheap may I add. But then the costs were adding up when we added on car parking charges, and as much as the husband insisted he would be OK in London on a Saturday with all three children (1 of those being so unpredictable because he has autism) by himself, I thought he was crazy even to consider it.

Rather lovingly one of our favourite family brands The Little Green Sheep came to our rescue and were willing to sponsor me to go to BritMums Live and help me out with the cost. They may have been relieved to hear though that we decided against taking the whole family and that Charlotte WILL be OK with Daddy at home for the one night. So that woman stood in the corner wondering why her clothes are so clean and feeling alert after a full nights sleep? That will be me! Come say hi and ask me why we love The Little Green Sheep company.

The Little Green Sheep are not just the home to the SnuzPod, but they also stock a wide range of natural baby products. Charlotte’s very own comfort blanket is actually one of The Little Green Sheep’s cellular blankets. She has been raised with their fantastic products from sleeping in the SnuzPod to being wrapped in their towels after bath time. As we look into moving Charlotte into a new cot and upgrading Dylan’s Stokke Sleepi mattress, we will be browsing the wide selection of natural and organic mattresses that the Little Green Sheep specialise in.