Any Way Up Cup Review


The guys at anywayup sent us a few of their cups to review with both the 1 and three-year-old. We were sent The 360 Toddler Cup, The Bird Cup and The Cow Cup. The great thing about having a selection of cups to choose from is able to find the right one for your child and which one would suit the different drinks your child may consume.

We found the 360 Toddler Cup ideal for filling with water and using when going out for food. Dylan would often want to join in us drinking from our glasses, but he has not got the steadiest of hands when it comes to tipping it up, we are both winners when it comes to using the 360 cup as he gets to drink exactly like us without spilling any of his drink. The main feature to this cup is its innovative circular valve system meaning children can drink from anywhere around the rim, handy when they are sill grasping the concept of cups. The cup will last them beyond those toddler days when they can use it as a normal cup once they can drink independently.


The Bird Cup is adorable and found it the perfect cup for introducing Charlotte to drinks other than my breast milk. It is easy to grip and soft to the touch so ideal for those little gums which are still teething. We do love the fact it looks like a penguin, and this could be helpful when trying to encourage little ones to use their cups. It comes in a choice of 3 colours – blue, green & pink. We did find it a problem however when using it with the toddler that he decided to chew the sprout meaning it closed up, and we had to open it up.


As I type, I am purchasing another Cow Cup as it seems both the children like using it. Of course, we have used this cup when it comes to drinking milk, and it had become a familiar routine to Dylan that in the evening before bed he has his milk in his cow cup. Something we are going to do with Charlotte when her cup arrives, and we make the transition from breastmilk to cows milk. It could be ideal for a cup to use when expressing milk and not want to use a bottle with your child. I like the fact you can get spare lids for it, often you buy cups for the children and end up having to rid of the whole thing over time as the sprout gets ruined.