Trendy Tots Thursday – The Pirate Party Edition

Oli recently celebrated his 6th Birthday, and he requested a pirate themed birthday party, queue me starting a Pinterest board and raiding Amazon for anything and everything pirate related. Despite our offer of buying him a new pirate outfit, he insisted on wearing this one we got him a while ago from a charity shop for a couple of pounds. The hat he is wearing is from a box of 12 I bought just before Christmas for the bargain price of £3. I consider it a bargain seeing as we didn’t do party bags but instead supplied the children with a hat, inflatable sword, pirate telescope and eye patch each.


I did not want to waste too much money on something for the younger two knowing how quickly they are growing at the moment; I was going to turn some old clothes into outfits until I saw the Ahoy Slugs & Snails and here is Charlotte wearing hers from KynaBoutique. The top she is wearing is a golden find from the same charity shop I bought Oli’s from, this was just 50p and as you can see went perfectly with her tights and did the job well.


Dylan also wore some Ahoy Slugs & Snails, but his were from Sidneyboo! While raiding the M&S sale I came across this treasure island shirt which was only £2.99 (bonus of free pick up from local store) and I knew it would be ideal for him as he isn’t into dressing up. He found the party rather overwhelming so spent most of it sat on the iPad chilling out away from the noise and craziness of 11 little pirates.