Pirate Party Invitations


When we started talking about the Pirate themed Birthday party that Oli wanted we instantly knew how we wanted to do his party invitations. We wanted the children to enjoy their invitations and ignite the excitement of having a party to go to.

The internet was our best friend when it came to making them. We googled ‘free pirate font’ and downloaded that into PicMonkey to create the invite. We also researched and got down with the pirate lingo so we could make them authentic.


After we were happy with them and printed them out, we broke out the coffee and stained the invites and then the next day we took a candle to the edges. We were pretty pleased with how they turned out and most importantly so was Oli.


Not wanting to spend too much on them I did not tie them in the brown baker’s twine I would have liked to of done but just used some string I had laying around.


The ‘glass’ bottle was just a cheap 12 pack of waters from the supermarket. I took the labels off and painted the tops black to add to the effect. We then added some sand into the bottles.


As well as sand we included someĀ Pirate Themed Confetti, which we thought looked rather good poking out. Again spending more money, I would have bought some suitcase tags for the name labels, but instead, I recycled a brown envelope to make the name labels. I burnt the edges and tied them on with string.


Oli was so excited when we had finished that he wanted to keep them all, with the promise of keeping one for his scrapbook he took the rest of them to school to hand out to his friends.


Of course, I could not just send them to school with just a carrier bag, so we recycled a brown paper bag we had from some vegetables we had bought. Our time and effort were well spent when Oli went bouncing up to his teacher telling her how clever his Mummy is. That and the numerous we got from the parents who complimented us on the unique invites. High five anyone?