This Month’s Must Have Prams

Februrary Must Have Prams

1. Babystyle Egg. You can see from the image where it got its name from, and this shape instantly screams of luxurious style to me. From first impressions I love everything about it but as I learnt with the Cosatto Ooba that looks are not everything. The wheels sound like my cup of tea with them being non-puncture (currently needing to hunt out a pump for our Quinny Buzz Xtra) with all round suspension, and the one-handed fold will please many parents who are after a pram which will make life that little bit easier. The most exciting aspect though for me? The fact it isn’t just a single pram and that it can be used as a tandem, I am still on the hunt for a double/tandem pushchair with some style to use with both my toddler and baby so could this be what I am after?  It is due to be launched in Easter, and I am looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

2. Silver Cross in Special Edition Eton Grey. Right up there in my top prams is the Silver Cross Surf 2, and  it was one of my favourites to use when Charlotte was a baby and preferred the comfort and snugness of the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat. The Eton Grey is available on the Surf 2 and the Wayfarer pushchair. Isn’t it fantastic these days the choice of colours when shopping for a new pram?!

3. Britax Smile. I had to include the new Britax Smile just for that pram name, oh how it tickles me. I certainly hope it brings smiles to parents faces while pushing it. That basket makes me smile, it is huge and would be the perfect companion for a food shop or one of those trips to town. Chuck the changing bag in it and then you rid of the need to have it dangling off the handles, I know when I do this on my pushchairs it annoys the husband. Been seeing various bloggers receive one for review so there will be some reviews out there if you are interested in a users review.