Sensory Play Is Not A Load Of Goo or Baskets Full Of Crap

As Netmums thought they were funny by saying exactly this in this 13 annoying parenting terms gallery. I failed to find it funny at all and considered it to be more insulting than anything especially considering that out of these ’13’ so called annoying terms  2 of them are sensory play related.

For Dylan sensory play is so much more than a basket full of crap, for him this basket full of random objects is a way of calming down, it’s a way of learning, it’s a way of communicating, and it’s a way of expressing himself. When Dylan is playing with sensory objects this is where I have noted that he will play happily with his brother and sister, he will allow them to join in, and it is an activity that they share and as a Mother who has one child who is that little bit more special than her others, seeing a way they can all play together is most heart warming.


Dylan has issues in some way with touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing and sensory play is a fantastic way of addressing each of these, but then I guess someone who’s not in that position of having a child who benefits from sensory play to refer to it as crap. Autism aside sensory play is beneficial to kids of all ages and needs with its endless possibilities that can provide much fun and excitement.

And do not get me started on why nipple confusion is something of no joke! I seriously expect more from a parenting website which may be the first point of call for many new parents looking for actual real information not take the mick kind of articles that should be left to BuzzFeed to publish.