My Little Pony DVD: Friendship is Magic: May The Best Pet Win

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, as May the Best Pet WinThe eagerly anticipated second instalment from Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, May the Best Pet Win has galloped onto DVD and is out now to buy.

After realising that she is the only one in her group of friends not to have a pet, Rainbow Dash organises a competition to determine who the best pet is for her. The pets must race one another through seven rounds of a challenging contest, resulting in a final battle against Rainbow Dash at ‘Ghastly Gorge’.

During the race, Rainbow Dash finds herself in trouble when her wing becomes stuck under a boulder. Things are looking dire, but after almost completely giving up hope, help arrives in the most unlikely face of a friend.

We were sent a copy to review with our little ponies and oh how they enjoyed watching it. We are a household of My Little Pony fans right from Daddy to Charlotte, our eldest Oli at five adores playing with his sister and her pony toys and is encouraging her love for them. He was rather excited about putting the DVD on once we had got it out the box to show Charlotte. It came at a time where she has been unhappy thanks to teething but just look at how cute this reaction was, she even made some pony gallop sounds! My beautiful, clever girl..

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Judging by her reaction I can see this becoming a much loved and well-watched DVD for years to come. Do you have My Little Pony fans in your household?