Homemade 1st Birthday Party Invitations

Do you ever find that you have an influx of old candles from previous birthday cakes? I found exactly that in my baking cupboard, candles that I did not know what I wanted to do with, but I knew it would be a waste to chuck them.  Just as we started to plan Charlotte’s first birthday party I can across an image where a candle was being used on a card, cue my bright idea to use those leftover candles along with a few other bits to make her party invitations.


I love the personal touch that comes with a homemade party invitation and despite being far from crafty I was well pleased with the results! I stuck on the candles with a glue gun, cut up some cake cases and bits of coloured paper to make the cake and flames. Using a sharpie, I added the word ‘wish’, but it looks just as good without it.