Cloth Nappy Love #1

How could we not join in The Mumington Post & More Than Just A Mummy #ClothNappyLove Linky when we are having so much fun lately rocking some rather fantastic nappy prints.

Dylan here is rocking one of the new Bambino Mio prints Cheeky Monkey which they sent us in advance of the launch so we could join in with the unveiling. Of course, I am going to write a whole separate post full of lots of photos of all the new prints. We have teamed it with his Maxomorra Tractor Top from KynaBoutique.


Charlotte obviously likes to wake up in the mornings with a spot of breastfeeding yoga while rocking Woodland Friends from Baba & Boo. I cannot resist buying anything with foxes on especially cloth nappies!


Another top we love from KynaBoutique is the Maxomorra Rockets, and we are wearing it today along with some indikidual leggings, and of course our cloth nappy of choice for Dylan is the Pandamonium from Bambino Mio. The Miosolo has been working a treat on Dylan, and we have been achieving around 4 hours wear in them which is fantastic as he drinks so much cloth can be difficult at times to contain all that wee.


Our main nappies have always been Close Parent, and we started off with a similar package to the pop in bamboo starter kit, ours are different because we have V1. I was drawn to these because of the velcro and the variety of colours, and they have done us well over the last couple of years, well that was until my new washing machine decided to bobble a few of them *wail*. I use these on Charlotte and just how cute are those toesies?!