This Month’s Must Have Prams


1. Stokke Scoot. Just like the Stokke Xplory which seems to get updated and improved every few years, the Stokke Scoot is now on its second version. Stokke likes to listen to customers feedback and take this on board when designing new products. Wheels have changed and are now foam-filled rubber. The Scoot can now recline to three positions in both forward-facing and rear-facing direction. The positions were something I did not like previously, and the Scoot was the one Stokke product I just could not bring myself to like, it seemed ok for baby and older toddler but not for that in-between stage, but it sounds like it will now tick all those boxes. Charlotte is at the same age Dylan was when I tried him in the Scoot v1 so we will definitely be checking out the new one asap. Stokke has also released new colours and style kits for the Scoot just in time for Spring.

2. BabyZen Zen. You know Father Christmas has Rudolph to guide his way with that red nose of his? Well, the new BabyZen Zen is the pram version of Rudolph. The first feature I noted with interest is the solar-powered warning light at the front, something you can see working over on First look at the new BabyZen Zen Stroller with Mummy Is A Gadget Geek. Of course, other features that need mentioning is that it can be folded and unfolded in seconds and will fold flat. It can be used from birth with exclusive multi-position carrycot which is the only stroller carrycot that is also certified as a seat, a travel cot and a bouncer.

3. Mama & Papas Urbo2. Go out and buy this pram right now! We adore our Urbo2 and not just because we have it in the Donna Wilson style. It pushes like a dream and handles kerbs with great ease which is something you need in any pram. Inspired by traditional tweed fabrics with brown and copper touches for a vintage look, Mamas & Papas have introduced the Signature Edition Chestnut Tweed Urbo² which combines traditional British style with unrivalled urban agility.

4. Graco Ready2Grow. I think I’m going soft in my pram style as I am not usually a fan of this kind of pushchair and I was actually tagged on Facebook by a friend who thought I would have a good laugh over this but the more I look at it, the more it has grown on me. Having to use a double pram I’m often thinking about what my ideal double would be like, and one option I have thought of is having one child facing out but having one facing you but the pram still being tandem style. I am still considering getting a tandem, but I do not know if I can bring myself to hide one of the children away underneath one seat. Donna at What The Redhead Said has reviewed one.