Trendy Tots Thursday – The Christmas Jumper Edition

This week’s Trendy Tot Thursday is dedicated to our Christmas jumpers. We were a little late grabbing them, and we didn’t find Dylan one in time, so it’s just Charlotte & Oli who are showing off their jumpers. Of course, we couldn’t resist this Hello Kitty Christmas sweater from H&M, she isn’t very happy in the photo of her wearing it as her teeth were causing her some grief. The other photo is a hand me down Christmas jumper from Dylan.


Oli needed a jumper because he has a Christmas jumper day at school and we asked him what kind of jumper would he like, and he answered that he would like penguins. Cue us hunting all over for a Christmas jumper with penguins on, we looked in EVERY shop going, and they were either out of jumpers or had nothing that was suitable. We struck lucky with this one from H&M though which has penguins on and can be used beyond Christmas day. He was rather pleased with it!

2014-12-25 15.19.23