Sometimes We Overcomplicate Things

This morning as I asked our eldest what he wanted to play with today I was not expecting his reply of ‘cardboard box’. I was more thinking along the lines of playing with one of his many toys that we Father Christmas had bought him. He wanted a rectangular box so he could make a spaceman helmet. This made me laugh, out of all the things he wants to invest time in it is something that would potentially be going in the recycling bin. We often have cardboard boxes to play with in the house, but this was the first time he has approached me and requested one.

At the same time as this conversation was going on the baby is sat in her ball pit playing with her shaker which was an old toy of the boys. She is sat rattling it and laughing away, amused enough to allow me to get on with some household jobs. And the other child? Well, the Toddler was content with a book which makes noises.


Overcomplicating things often for me turns into hoarding, I hold my hands up and admit to getting rather carried away with buying the baby clothes when pregnant for the third time. Charlotte could of quite easily lived her first year in her brothers hand me downs; they was certainly enough clothes to see her through. We have shoes that have gone unworn and some outfits which have only been worn once or twice. We are at the point now where as she approaches one she will need a new wardrobe, I could have put that money on all those baby clothes on clothes from that age onwards.

I have been thinking lots about how complicated I have made things the last few months, how money has been parted with that did not need to be parted with and how I let my life and house be cluttered with stuff which is just that – stuff. Items which get moved from room to room until they eventually they end up in the garage gathering dust. Oli asking for a box to play with has reminded me that simplicity most often is the key to happiness and this is something I am going to remember as 2015 comes about.