Baby’s 1st Christmas

This year is the last time we will experience a Baby’s 1st Christmas as we introduce Charlotte to this rather special day. I had a little wobble about this the other day when talking to the man about this. Was wondering how I could make it special for her but as he pointed out all of us being together for our first family Christmas with our family completed will be the most special part, and although I hate to admit it he was right.

We have bought Charlotte her first Christmas jumper, sadly teething and being full of cold meant I didn’t get to capture her gorgeous smile while wearing it.


Like many other children, she visited Father Christmas for the first time, and we didn’t get any tears.  Here she is with our friends at our NCT Christmas Fete which Mummy helped to organise.

2014-11-29 15.49.40

I cannot help but start squealing when I think of Christmas Day, and what’s to come, the excitement as the boys sees the ‘snow’ footprints that Daddy Father Christmas leaves and watching the children’s faces as they see all their presents and unwrap them. Of course, my favourite part to the day aside from the family element is the food, oh how I cannot wait to feast. The day will start with the man’s homemade shortbread then I’m pretty sure the chocolate will be attacked. Charlotte’s 1st Christmas will be special as she gets to share it with those closest to her, she starts to partake in our family Christmas traditions.