Christmas Gift Ideas – Main Presents

Do you get one big present for the kids each year? We said this year that we weren’t going to and that we would only do small presents, but when we laid eyes on this Batmobile, we couldn’t resist buying it for our toddler. So now we are on the lookout for something for our eldest and youngest. We have seen a cuddly pony large enough for Charlotte to sit on and I know Daddy has been promising to get her a pony since the day she was born…

Kidkraft_Vintage_KitchenWe got the boys a toy kitchen last year as a joint main present, they adored it, and it has been used almost on a daily basis ever since. Only this week we were playing ‘shopkeepers’ and used the kitchen as the till point and cafe part to the shop. This Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen (White)is half price! Down to £120.83 from £241.65!index

Just as much as a bargain is this Kidkraft Prairie Kitchen 53151 Activity Playset which is down to £85.99 from £212.65.

Radio_Flyer_Steer_and_Stroll_TrikeToys that grow with the kids as they grow in my eyes are the best kind of toys; they can save you so many pennies and be something you know is built to last. I’m pretty sure this Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike is no exception. We use steering trikes with our little ones and find them a nice alternative to use to prams, especially in summer. This one has a whopping £93.08 off it. Down to £80.00 from £160.

Injusa_6V_Samurai_Trimoto_(Pink)Big present and a big bargain here for this ride on Injusa 6V Samurai Trimoto (Pink). The only thing stopping me from getting this for our little girl is the thought of a ride on taking over our house. I feel like I would have to get the oldest one as well! At £76.78 from £89.99, I’m sure these are going to get snapped up quickly.

Falk_Ranch_Tractor_with_Front_Loader_Digger_Dumper_and_TrailerIf I might have seen this Falk Ranch Tractor with Front Loader/ Digger/ Dumper and Trailer earlier then the toddler might have ended up with this instead of his Batmobile. I love the idea of the child being able to control it’s digging functions. It could really help to bring outdoor play to life. It is down to £188.51 from £199.

Reig_75cm_Spanish_Wooden_Guitar_If Charlotte were older this Reig 75cm Spanish Wooden Guitar (Pink) would be in our basket, though I’m slightly tempted to get it now and put it away for future Christmas’s.  Though at 75cm it’s practically the same size as her at the moment. It’s down to £61.73 from £69.99. The price has been all over the place with this item so keep an eye on it going back down.Reig_Pocoyo_Microphone_and_Guitar_Set

Pocoyo is one of those kids programmes I will happily watch as I just adore Stephen Fry’s voice. If your little one likes Pocoyo or even likes their music then this Reig Pocoyo Microphone and Guitar Set could be worth an investment. It’s down to £40.56 from £44.90.



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