The Dogs Relationship With The Children

It’s been over a year now since we rescued our darling Coulson from the local dog rescue home and he sure has made himself at home. Since he came to live with us, we have added another little member to the family in the form of baby Charlotte. So now we have a household made up of me, the man, the three children and the dog. I love how people look at us as if we are crazy for having three children; we love adding that we have a dog on top. I don’t know why people would think it chaos as I swear life would be more chaos if was just me and the man, who would be around to finish off our leftovers if it wasn’t for Coulson or the children?


When we bought him home, we had lots of important details to sort out like how we were going to give him and the children their separate space. We were all still getting to know each other, and I wanted this to be done over time in a safe way. Seeing as we had a walking baby when we got Coulson there were already stair gates at most of the doors as well as the stairs, so we were pretty much already set up. The kitchen has enough room to house him with his bedroom inside of it, so a room where the kids never really go unattended became his bedroom. Our set up has worked brilliantly, and during the day when I’m home with the children, he will go in between the kitchen, hallway and outside. When the man is home, we will have lots of family-dog time, where he gets lots of fuss from all of us as he has two sets of eyes on him. We take safety to another level when it comes to our dog and the children; the children can be just as unpredictable as what a dog can be.

Before we bought him home to live with us we got to know him for a few weeks, we took him for daily walks and watched as he and the children interacted. If either party showed any sign of not getting along then, we would have walked away, but the more time we all spent together, the more it felt right that Coulson should come home with us.

We have watched the children over the last year (Charlotte in the last few months) understand that we have a four legged friend living with us and we have seen that the love between man and dog can extend to the children. Forget them being a man’s best friend; they can also be a kid’s best friend. He knows they will happily stroke and tickles his tummy for as long as he wants and Coulson also knows that the children are total pushovers when it comes to throwing his ball for him. Since we started weaning Charlotte much of her food has ended up on the floor, and Coulson has twigged this means extra servings for him, who needs a hoover when you have a dog?