#StokkeTrailz – Saying Hello To The World

Our Stokke Trailz was delivered at 2.45pm and come 3 pm that same day it was accompanying me on the afternoon school run. Having previous experience of Stokke prams, I knew I wasn’t going to be kicking the chassis in frustration and calling for the husbands help with building this pram we have been sent to review. I, however, did call for the husband to build it which consisted of unfolding the frame and attaching the wheels while I stood back and admired it. The building took so little time that we started it with just minutes to spare until we had to run out of the house to pick our eldest up. That admiration for it continued as I took it out the door for the first time and used it with the toddler, his sister gets the hot seat next time. No grumbles so far from us as we constructed it and gave it a quick whirl around the block. Here’s looking forward to more of our #StokkeTrailz adventures over the next few months. I promise you they will be more exciting than a quick whirl around the block.


Stokke Trailz