#DoonaMoments – The Nursery Run

Dylan’s very first Nursery introduction was just for an hour, and we had to take Charlotte with us if we both wanted to join him for this important day. Of course, we took her in her Doona which we have been sent to review as we went in the car and it was around the time she could potentially fall asleep. It was so incredibly handy to get her out the car straight away in her car seat and just push her along to the nursery. We parked it up while we were there and Charlotte came out to play with us and watch as her brother got settled in at Nursery. By the time we had gone home she was fast asleep, it was nice knowing that if she fell asleep while we were there that we could of just put her in her pram to of then popped it in car seat mode to then easily put in the car without waking her.