Bigjigs Bella Cuddly

Agent Baby was first to get stuck into her mission, and by stuck, in I mean she dived head first into it and used all of her senses to give it the ultimate review. First, it was in the hands, then it was tasted, then it was snuggled, and then it was rolled on to. She did put her Cuddly Bella to the test.


Possibly the cutest aspect of Agent Baby’s mission is the fact Cuddly Bella is her first cuddly toy that she’s taken notice of, of course like most babies she got a few cuddles at birth but they’re so fluffy that they are suitable for her to play with. Bella is suitable to play with from birth, so it will make the perfect new baby gift.


At 24cm tall, it’s not the biggest of bears, and it’s not the smallest, it’s the perfect size for a baby who’s suddenly starting to take an interest in everything. I’ve found myself often shouting to the eldest ‘show her the bunny’ to which he runs and grabs her Bella Bunny and rattles it for her. It’s amazing how simply rattling a teddy can entertain and soothe her.


It’s a light toy which is simple enough for the tiniest of babies to pick up; I can certainly see it providing Charlotte with some cuddly company while out and about in her pram. I adore the colours used on it, and they do a Bruno Cuddly if this one doesn’t take your fancy.


I’ve noticed that the more she plays with it, the more attached she has become to it, I’m starting to think we have already found her comforter in the form of her bunny rabbit. Guess this means I should stock up on several more to keep as spares.

Bigjigs Bunny