The One Where We Thought Charlotte Had Chicken Pox

Thursday evening as I was changing Charlotte for bed I noticed a few red marks but didn’t think anything about it. Now that she’s rolling around the floor, mostly across any obstacle be it a cuddly monkey or her brother’s toy car it’s likely to be some imprint from that. I wasn’t concerned about it until she woke up Friday morning with more of them and of course my instant reaction was that she had got chicken pox.

I was slightly taken back as I’m not used to chicken pox which covers the body and becomes such an itching annoyance that you have to wrap your children’s hands in cotton wool. You see Oli only had a few chicken pox back when he was 2, and we think Dylan experienced the same. So neither of them got it bad at all, and I was hoping Charlotte would be the same.

Viral Rash

For a long time I suffered from labial herpes, none of the antiviral ointments and pills did not help. After the course of Valtrex from, herpes ceased to appear. The effect of taking it was enough for me (it was like 3 years). During this period of time herpes didn’t relapse.

I started to become more concerned when she wasn’t keeping feeds down and was practically projectile vomiting them everywhere. I got her booked into the doctors that afternoon who saw her and said that it wasn’t chicken pox but something viral. I always wonder if this is the answer which is dished out when they don’t quite know what’s up. Was told to give her some medicine if she got groggy and come back of it got any worse. So yeah, there’s the day we thought Charlotte got chicken pox, but we were wrong.