World Breastfeeding Week 2014

This is my third year of celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and as the years go by I’ve discovered my passion for Breastfeeding has developed as well as my personal relationship. Back in 2012, I wrote about Breastfeeding – 3 months on, I talked about my first time Breastfeeding as well how it developed over the next 15 months. One of the last posts I wrote about Breastfeeding Dylan was ‘I Think Our Breastfeeding Journey Is Near The End‘ and it did indeed come to an end a few weeks later and I talked about that as well as my next Breastfeeding Journey with his sister in ‘Returning To Breastfeeding‘.

I’ve currently been Breastfeeding for 20 months if you include Dylan’s time with Charlotte’s and my plan this time is pretty much the same as the time before – feed until the time is right for the both of us to stop. Our next stage in feeding will be to introduce food and of course we plan to go down the baby led weaning route again. It’s like choosing the right wine to go with your fish dish; BLW just compliments Breastfeeding with the way we feed on demand.


To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, I attended my local Breastfeeding mother’s group, though the name is slightly misleading as we get many dads turning up as well which is wonderful to see. I always usually attend but this week we had cake galore to celebrate and past members were invited to come along. The last few weeks have been special because I’ve seen some of the mums I got to know from talking about Breastfeeding at local parents to be classes turn up with new babies. To see them in action was special and I was so pleased to see how well it was going for them. I love how I’m sharing the knowledge and my personal experience with Breastfeeding just like people did with me before and as I got to grips with it myself.


This week I’ve discovered that Frugi sells Breastfeeding clothes as well as kids clothes, I was pretty excited to be asked if I wanted to review one of their new Breastfeeding dresses. The dress needs its own stand-alone review to give it full justice as it is just simply gorgeous, but I did find the husband had managed to capture this one shot of me wearing it while at the park. I may secretly be happy that the cooler weather meant I get to dust off the boots to team with it.

Frugi Breastfeeding Dress

Breastfeeding is such a huge part of my life; I just couldn’t let this week slip by without a few words for it. Happy World Breastfeeding Week 🙂