Trendy Tots Thursday

We were sent the most amazing hamper from River Island this week which was a total surprise; they simply asked for our address as they wanted to send us something. Being an RI fan, I totally handed it over and was glad I did. All the kids got new outfits (I didn’t even have to give them the kid sizes, they well & truly did their homework) and I got wine & chocolate. High five anyone? Will dish the contents of that hamper soon but here’s a sneak glimpse of what Charlotte got, just how amazing are those leggings?

River Island Kids Clothing

And look how adorable Charlotte is wearing them, have to admit I’m not usually a fan of anything with ruffles on but those leggings stand out because of them. Both the Heart Print leggings and the Tres En Vogue t-shirt were a perfect summer days outfit.

River Island Baby Girls Clothes

Dylan has pretty much spent the summer wearing dungarees from one of my favourite kid’s brands Villervalla; we got these from Imp Kids which stock lots of must-have children’s clothing. Here are some photos of him wearing them at a BBQ, trying to get him to stay still for a photo is a whole new level of mission impossible.