Trendy Tots Thursday

So this week I asked Daddy what were his favourite clothes that he’s seen the kids wearing this week. Of course I got a blank look as if to say ‘they were wearing clothes?’ I think he thinks that they magically appear on them somehow. He sometimes participates in buying them clothes and taking notice but it really is my department sorting out their daily wardrobes. Since Charlotte has come along though I have found it getting rather excited when we go shopping for outfits, he’s terrible when it comes to stocking up on her dresses.

I wasn’t sure how he would react when I bought Dylan this Banana patterned Wombles Coat from Indikidual via Yellow Lolly, but he loves it just as much as me and we both agree that it toddler suit our banana of a toddler. When it first arrived I thought it was going to be too small for Dylan and I contemplated sending it back but once out it fitted well and it’s lasted almost a whole year. It will soon be put away ready for his Sister and we will be looking at Yellow Lolly’s range for his new coat.