Our Butlins Holiday Diary – Day 1

We have so much to say and so many photos to share from our Butlins Bognor Regis getaway that I thought I would share some of the things we got up to each day in diary form before summing everything up into one final review post. Plus seeing as this is our blog and we mainly like to share our precious moments, every day saw some of these moments, and it’s fab just being able to record memories like these.

2014-07-24 20.25.48

We got to pick which of the three locations we wanted to choose from Skegness, Minehead or Bognor Regis. We are huge fans of Bognor, and we return year after year so as our first family holiday as the 5 of us we picked this resort for our holiday. Out of all the hotels on the resort, The Wave Hotel appealed to us again because of the rooms, its focus on family and the fact we get to eat in The Deck.

2014-07-21 12.54.23

We didn’t know if we were going to get sea views rooms, but it seemed we were lucky enough to get sea views from both our rooms balconies. Just check out this view, you can’t beat waking up to that each morning.

2014-07-21 13.09.14

While I unpacked the kids made themselves at home, they picked their bedrooms and got comfortable with the TVs at the ends of their beds. Thumbs up from us for that kept them distracted and entertained while we ran around unpacking and planning what we’re going to do when we had finished.

2009-12-31 23.00.00-8 2014-07-21 13.28.07 2014-07-21 13.29.31

I just had to share this photo of the Man and one of the kind Butlins staff offloading the luggage. they both thought it was rather hilarious that I had packed so much for the week. Thin it was a mixture of travelling with a baby, packing for 5 of us and not knowing what the weather was really going to be like to why we bought so much. We also had the luxury of a 7 seater car for the first time, that made loading the car SO much easier. Of course one of the first things to unpack was a bottle of champagne we got when Charlotte was born, oh how we enjoyed drinking that on our balcony when the kids were in bed.


Total side note is if you’re planning on travelling with little ones, invest in Trunkis! It made packing so much easier and I knew who’s clothes were who’s. We took advantage of the long corridors in our rooms to have Trunki rides.

Trunki Action

Once we had finished unpacking and got ourselves ready we headed down to the resort and found ourselves in the Skyline Pavilion. The kids were quick to run to the free rides, I say kids I mean the eldest where as the toddler was curious. This was the first time Dylan has been at Butlins and actually old enough to really take everything in, the times before he was 6months/1 year and it was all about the pretty colours and food for him. Here he is on his very first ride, check out that face! He was just so unsure of it.

2014-07-21 15.08.05

So after experiencing his first ride and being kinda confused, Mummy then forces characters upon him. Like WOAH aren’t those people meant to be in the TV box? How have they escaped? I remember the first time we bought the 5 year old to Butlins and how when he was a Toddler found characters to be slightly terrifying, times have changed now and you will often find him high fiving them and striking up conversation with them.

2014-07-21 15.15.39

Checking out the timetable, one of the first activities we could go along to was the puppet theatre. All 3 kids were mesmerised by it and it was a brilliant way to relax after our long journey. Even Charlotte at 5 months couldn’t take her eyes off the show and rather enjoyed watching the puppets bounce away.

Butlins Puppet Show

Lunch wasn’t far off and we had 10 minutes to waste before heading to The Deck restaurant for our evening meal. Wasting time at Butlins isn’t an issue as there really is something to do every.single.minute of the day! We headed off for a little explore and found our way to the the park next to the Shoreline Hotel. Oli adores parks with sand so he was in park/sand paradise and he went straight off to do his thing. Dylan went off to explore and he found this Little Tikes castle which was lots of fun for him as it involved a slide and he is a huge slide fan.

Butlins Under 5s park


Knock Knock Butlins

After dinner we went back into the Skyline Pavilion where most the action happens, we walked in to see Barney on stage. My character fearing toddler was amazed and really didn’t know what to think, priceless entertainment for us right there. Eldest loved it and ran off to join the kids in front of the stage or the little ones moshpit as we like to call it.

Barney At Butlins

By the time Barney had finished we were all rather shattered and headed back to our hotel room. We wanted to get a good nights sleep before our first full day at Butlins.

2014-07-21 19.03.44