#DoonaMoments – Going On Holiday

There were so many reasons why taking our review Doona on holiday with us was a brilliant idea. Firstly we didn’t fancy taking the double pram; you see we still have Dylan who’s of pram age at 2 and Charlotte who obviously needs one at the age of 4/5 months so using some form of double pushchair for some of our daily trips out is a must have. We do have different options to use, but for a holiday we thought we would let him walk for most of it and bring a backup pram in case we needed to use it with him.

Charlotte however when being transported out & about was in her Doona, she spent most her time even being worn or carried by us but for naps times and other times she chilled out in her Doona. It came so handily when it came to popping to the beach, no need to drag it across the pebbles; we just had to carry it across to our location where it then became a handy weight for our tent which kept threatening to blow away.

#doonamoments holiday