We Saw The Nurse!

2014-07-08 08.49.04Thought I would update you on where we’ve got since I published ‘Seeking Help‘ and was left waiting for the nurse to phone me. Well come the end of the day no phone call and again no phone call the next day. By the time the husband had come home I had calmed down, Oli’s best friends mother who knows Oli rather well now came and joined me for a cup of tea that morning. Having people who know him so well agree with me makes me feel less paranoid that it’s all in my head that there’s something ‘not quite right’ with Oli.

I saw on the school newsletter that she was to be in school the following Wednesday, so I marked my calendar for then, when you’re seeing someone face to face you’re bound to get somewhere right? Entering I said hello and introduced ourselves and bought up the fact I kinda expected a call as I had talked to the health visitor, she said saw the health visitor recently, but nothing was mentioned. Good old communication, huh.

So I explained everything that was going on with Oli, all the issues we had and our concerns. I had to dismiss her talk of ‘but my child the same age’ etc.. My concerns are about my child. We know as his parents there is something underlying going on. I also dismissed her talk of how Oli may be reacting to his brother and sister being here and how it’s some delayed reaction. I actually think we would have issues if Oli were an only child, he adores his brother and sister and them being here and him sharing his life with them is not the route or cause of any issues.

She wasn’t too sure about what to next, but when she mentioned the paediatrician, I pushed for that road. She finished writing her notes, and I was told to wait for them to get in contact. I am going to be fighting to be heard now, aren’t I?