Trendy Tot Thursday

This week is all about Charlotte, mainly because keeping a Toddler still long enough to get a photo is impossible. I’m squealing with delight this week as Charlotte finally fits into the Tuscany Sweatshirt Happy Heart from OrganicZOO which she got sent to review when she was born. It’s size 0-3months, but Charlotte spent the first couple of months of her life wearing tiny baby. My favourite aspect to this top is that button detail, love the multicolours. I also love the fact it’s unisex & is warm enough to be worn alone without a jacket. I can’t wait to see the new season pieces.

Organic Zoo

One of my favourite shops is Monsoon, and the baby girl collection is irresistible. Charlotte has a wardrobe full of 3-6month Monsoon blouses which I bought while pregnant so expect to see lots of them over the next few weeks. I love this pink one with its bow detail; we teamed it with the leggings from her Denim Printed Pinafore & Leggings Set from F&F.

Moonsoon Baby

Of course being the little diva she is, that very day saw her have her second top change and she wore another blouse, but this one was from Primark. I’m not usually a fan of kids Primark clothes, but this blouse was too beautiful not to buy.

White Primark Top